Gilbert Imbiri


Originally from little island east of Indonesia, Papua, But i pretty much grew up in Missouri.

Graduated with Bachelor Science in Convergent Media from Missouri Western State University.

I continued my Media Producing journey in and around Kansas City Area.

Currently located in North Kansas City while working with Ricoh Inc. as Site Supervisor at Excelsior Springs School District.

Apart from Media, I am passionate about serving The Lord and currently a Worship Pastor at Tower View Baptist Church in North Kansas City.

Love meeting new people and randomly trying to memorize their name at the same time.

15181514_10209370127708559_75337583346652344_nI married my beautiful best friend and we are blessed with a beautiful daughter. I think marrying Amber was the best thing that ever happen to me.

other thing that is interesting about me, I currently learning habliendo en espanol, which will be my fifth language,

so I am a Poliglot.


My skill include :

Photography, Editing, Writing, Organizing, Marketing.

Adobe Suites: Photoshops, In-Design, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Premiere

Final Cut pro, Imovie, WordPress, Ipage hosting, HTML codes,

I like traveling!! A LOT, every major sport activities involving water


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