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Missouri Western State University has become more diverse locally and internationally.

The number of the international students has grown tremendously since 2010. Steve Potter the counselor as well as the advisor for the International Students were excited about how far the population has grown in campus and excited for more to come. ” It’s really exciting and it’s been a long time coming and quite a process to recruit more international students to the university, for many year Missouri Western have an average about 10 to 12 international students a year”.

So how do the students find out about Missouri Western?

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For Joanna Friedrich, the international student from Germany, her university is actually the one that has the connection to Missouri Western and several other universities in the nation. Friedrich was given lists of the universities in America and after she did some homework, Missouri Western was the one for her. “Missouri Western was not my first option to be honest, but because of my test scores and such, my home university really recommended Missouri Western to me”. Friedrich said, “Missouri Western is definitely different then the university in Germany and I did not know what to expect when I came for the first time, but I like it a lot now”.

Friedrich also think that the American students need to be open minded for the international students because she believes that there is more out there than just Missouri and students needs to realize that everyday.

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Not only at Missouri Western, the number of the International students who come to study in United States has grown. Currently in United States, there are 763.133 non-US students studying throughout all the states.

The president of Missouri Western State University, Dr. Robert Vartabedian really proud about the International populations on campus and how our International has made an impact to the University. During his speech at the International Student reception, Vartabedian points out that the demension which given or add by students and faculty on campus and class are very considerable.

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Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 11.29.35 PMFor Potter, it is really a great opportunity for college students to learn about different cultures without traveling outside of the country.

Amber Stice, Junior Psychology major, also thinks having international students on campus has benefited her in many ways.

“I really love how much diversity Missouri Western has. I come from a Nebraskan small town where the most diversity you may get is going into a city, which the closest is St. Joe. I remember when I first came to college it was really crazy for me to see all these students with different backgrounds, whether they are from a different city, state, or country. I learned really quickly that I was definitely missing some cool stuff in my eighteen years in Nebraska.” Stice said.

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Stice enjoys how Missouri Western’s International Student Service has the International Culture Series throughout the year. She would not have ever gone to one had it not been a requirement for her foreign language class. But, now she has a better understanding of how other places work.

For example, this semester she went to lecture on Venezuela and had no idea that they can go to college for free! However, they can’t pick their degree. ” They can say, ‘I am interested in these three things: nursing, psychology, and history’, and the school will say, ‘We have too many nurses and psychologists right now so you will study history.’ , that is unbelievable for Stice.

“I take for granted the rights we are freely given, such as our path in life, and to get to hear these students testimonies brings out the sheltered I have always been”.

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Mrs. Shana Meyer, Thevice president for student affair also thinks that having the international students on campus benefits the diversity and cultural effects towards the american students. “we working toward a lot of strategic plan right now toward increasing our population so that we can be competitive to other school” Meyer said.

A benefit that would draw more international students here would be to offer more scholarships for them from the university. If a student would like to receive a scholarships unless they are involved within organization that grants one.

One thing any college student struggles with is the cost of college, especially an international student. Think about this: it takes about $5,000 to travel to another country, give or take. If the cost of college was about $1,000 dollars less and over the course of a four year plan for a degree, parents could save $4,000 dollars and be able to buy a plane ticket to attend their child’s graduation. To have more people come and see what Missouri Western is about, is just another opportunity to learn about other places in the world.

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