New Java City at MWSU

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 10.22.14 AM

On March 14, Monday after spring break 2014, Missouri Western students were surprise by the opening of the second Java City located on the first floor of the Blum Student Union.

Originally Missouri western had only on Java City inside of the first floor of the library, several of the students that I talk to were excited with the opening of new location in Blum lobby. Jacob Wallingford thinks that he will hangout more with his friends now in Blum than the library.”I think it pretty nice area kind of like the library where i usually hangout, but it pretty cozy down here and i can see me and my friends hangout here.” Wallingford said. “Secondary location it’s very helpful.”

Shana Meyer the Vice Press. for Student Affairs during the interview convinced to make the Blum union a better place for the benefits of the students. “We have some budget from the student success act from students governing association and we will be using some of that money to increases and upgrade of this building so hopefully will become a better place for students to hangout.” Meyer said.

Java City is not the only new thing in Blum, coming soon to Blum Student union is Subway and Wok oriental kitchen.

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