Great Audio Slideshow

35th Annual Great Bristol outhouse race

At first I don’t think it will be a great audio slideshow, just because the numbers of the views on youtube were low then what i expected to be as a great one when I search on the search bar.  Once i played it, the Voice of Matt Laitrop from the fire department team caught my attention. It was cool to match his voice and the picture of him. The slideshow continually getting better and excited as it goes. it is made you feel like you were there at the race.

There are only total of ten pictures in this 2:18 durational video, but all of the pictures were incredible. the Addison Independent did a great job gathering and collected the sounds of the crowd as a background noise and the voices of some of the competitors during the Great Bristol Outhouse Race in Bristol, Vermont.

Trent Campbell (photographer) and Luke Whelan (Audio) did such a terrific job selecting audio and photo to create this slideshow, I can tell that all the slideshows has been well plan and organize before hand.

My favorite part about this incredible slideshow will the the countdown for the race and the crowd reaction as well as the competitors game face during the race. I can surely tell that everyone seems to enjoy the race on the wonderful sunny Thursday morning.

one tiny little thing that bothers me will be the transitional music in between the pictures. It’s good at the beginning when it started but afterward, it started to sound like I was at the circus shows. But again, thats only a tiny little thing that I notice, maybe because I have a musician ears.

Overall, this Audio slideshow really caught my attention and make me feel like I was there at the Great Bristol Outhouse Race in Bristol, Vermont.

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