Learning or working with new software are sometime can be somehow challenging, but with the help of tutorials videos online and website provide step-by-step learning can be a helpful tools for the rookie like me.

Learn to build website with Kompozer software that I downloaded for class were intense; with not enough time to work in class, video tutorial from Youtube are very helpful to me.

After I download it, I basically wanting to know more about it, so i found more information about Kompozer and lear how to create template and personalize my website.

I actually found this very informational about Kompozer and the purpose about the softtware.

after reading the introductions, I started to look for templates to personalize my website, I googled it, and sure enough this is the first video came up on my computer.

I was a little hesitated about getting thing for free online, and I stumble to the next video tutorial of how to create and customize web templates on Kompozer, I prefer this tutorial better then the first one because it has better resolution and better understanding step-by-step throughout the video.

and furthermore I found this video to Learn how to prepare your webpage ready to display your content in a neat and easy to follow format 

since I am a photograph, I really enjoy sharing my pictures to others, especially through social media online, I really like feedback or complement for my pictures.

with that being said, I do like to posts most of my best shot online, and I found this tutorial website and video tutorial very helpful. 

Just spent time browsing online, I can find so many informations about new software.

to summarize the whole Kompozer, This tutorial will taking over the overall Kompozer of how to download and preparation first level. I thought this video tutorial was very connivence and helpful.

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