Duck Dynasty


Quack addiction is spread out throughout the country like a duck traveling in the fall.

Uncle Si’, Phil, Kay, Willy. Etc., if you recognize any of those names, you might already be part of the quack attract from Duck Dynasty. Coming with the four different sessions on A&E TV stations, Duck Commander has archived tremendous numbers of fans throughout the nations. The show has broken several ratings records on both A&E and cable television as a whole; the fourth season premiere drew 11.8 million viewers, the most-watched nonfiction cable telecast in history.

It’s becoming like an addiction: kids from elementary, high school, college students even the adult were talking about it and show their enthusiasms with Duck Commander Merchandise everywhere.

School in Virginia ended up forcing their student to stop wearing them because they think it’s threatening. “School officials at Dinwiddie High School in small-town Virginia forced a student to remove a Duck Dynasty t-shirt he had worn to school because they deemed it threatening, reports local NBC affiliate WWBT”. si

It’s crazy how the fans for the Duck Dynasty has grown since last six months, fans cite from Facebook, twitter, all over the social media.

One fan cite that I find was, have more than 256K followers on Facebook and about 15K follower on Twitter, FanPop also a huge fans of Duck Dynasty; they have all Duck Dynasty themes, not only updated videos, social media update, but also merchandise for all of the duck dynasty fans out there.

What I like the most about FanPop, is how the fans can share their thoughts and also share their instant images base on how enthusiast they are or how crazy they are about Duck Dynasty.

The site also provided variety of interacts tools for all the fans. Forum, Polls, and QandA of how well do you know the actors in Duck Dynasty.

The other website that are more to outdoor kind of site is the Duck Commander Wake Maker, I can tell this websites are in love with Duck Dynasty just by seeing their home page. The site has the direct quotes from Phil Robinson (Duck Commander) and its all camouflage and several of the people on the picture in the home page are from Duck Dynasty show.

Although it is a great looking site, but this site not for the fan but it uses the Duck Dynasty actor to sell their products (Not a quack addicted).

Since Duck Dynasty showed the nation some part of their faith and believes upon Christianity: several of Christians book stores, Radio Station site are also become a fans of them.

One in particular is, Selling thousands of merchandises and great Duck Commander Items, LifeWay also selling the books of testimony from some of the actor like Phil, Willy, Uncle Si’ and cooking book from Miss Kay.

LifeWay is count as a quack addict because not only selling product, they introduce several of the actor from their Christians perspectives through their testimony videos on the website.

The number of enthusiast fans of Duck Dynasty has grown tremendously for almost any ages and generations, it does not matter where you are from, what religion are you, you will soon hear about this Quack attach from one of their fans. So weather you live on the west or on the south, be aware the Duck is closing in.DuckDynasty-s3-cast-630-jpg_215638images

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