Photography Blogs

Picture can tell you thousands of stories, that’s not all, it can also changes your moods instantly, describe your locations and/or maybe can help other job field such as marketing.

This weekend I looked over three different great photography blogs, and I stumble through so many of them, but I found my favorites and here’s why I like them.

The three photography blogs are Psychology by photographer, Elizabeth Halford and Tofurious.

Psychology by photographer has really cool outline and it is catches my eyes directly, the theme of the blogs was well organize and pretty, very calm and inviting. Jenika, the Author, really put her hard work to changes people’s mood through several of her pictures.

Jenika’s has at least one blog post every month and last post was Aug 8th. Just by reading her “About page” I notice that her audiences are most commonly a psychologist, and people who enjoy art in general.

Overall I think these five pages Blog was user friendly and welcoming.

Elizabeth Halford photography is also one of the great and colorful blog. I can tell that it is a photography blog just to see the front page layout. I greatly in love with the theme and the she organize all the content on each page.

I like how she describe that her brain takes snapchat everywhere and how she love sharing her location wherever she goes with others.

Knowing that she’s also a blog writer for Canon Magazine, Woman photography magazine and several others, Elizabeth, the author has very abroad of audience. The natures of the content specifically focus on inspiring photographer with a passion for beautiful portraits.

Her blog are easy to access and very user friendly, she used several of her social media as a content as well as the advertising on the side. Out of five pages, one pages specifically an easy way to contact and hire her of photography purposes.

She had average of 2 blogs a week and her last post was Sept 10th.

The last blog was very interesting for me. Tofurious was a blog by a marketing strategist for smart creative, who so happen to be a photographer “Market smartly”.

Author by Lawrence Chan, I think Tofurious was an excellent photography blog, at first I thought it’s should be a blog about food, because I like “Tofu”.

Chan’s home page was very interesting, I like how he organize his content and layout so that his subscriber can easy access music and create craft and he can teach how to market it smartly.

The blogs have hand full of pages, categories, links and social media. His average post are one every week and the last post was on Aug 27th.

Although it is a little too much white space on the home space, but with color combination on the live slide show on the top page, I think it looks great.

All three photography blogs was really good, I really enjoy knowing the fact that you can use pictures for so many different purposes, Jenika use it for psychology reason, Elizabeth for everyday moment and Lawrence for marketing.

I should probably step on the photography game and start shooting and sharing my pictures as well.




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